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★★★★★ (5 out of 5)

If you have Metolius cams and need a resling, Metolius provides best in class cam resling and repair services.

It’s winter now and that means damp cold temperatures that aren’t conducive to climbing outside in a lot of places. While outdoor climbing isn’t possible, it makes a good time to take note of your climbing gear inventory to determine what you might need to replace or stock up on. This season, it was time to resling the cams on our trad rack, which are split between Metolius Mastercams, Metolius TCUs, and Black Diamond Camalots.

If you read any guidelines on when to replace slings or webbing, the common advice is:

  • Retire immediately if they show any indication of integrity being compromised. Nicks, cuts, heavy abrasion, burns, etc. Give them a solid once-over and be picky about whether they are in good shape.
  • Retire after 5-years if they have been used, even if they still look good. Metolius recommends this for all their cams.
  • If slings haven’t been used and have been stored safely without exposure to heat/sun/moisture/impacts, they may be good up to 10-years. Even then Dyneema/Dynex slings should be replaced every 5-years regardless.
  • Looking for more info on when to retire gear? Check out these posts from DMM, Black Diamond, & REI.

Options for Reslinging Metolius Cams

A quick Google search will point you to a handful of places that can resling your Metolius cams. Third-party companies (see list below) that will take most cams, which could be a good option if you have a mixed bag of brands and just want to send them all to one place. Even then, the original manufacturer of the cam is likely the best place to resling. On top of reslinging, they will inspect the cams to make sure they are still safe to use (in case you have any hesitations). At the end of the day, the original manufacturer knows their product better than anyone. Metolius takes their resling service a step further by cleaning, lubing, and tuning for no additional charge.

If you have Metolius cams, we really can’t recommend their service enough. It’s hands down the best in the business and the least expensive. Read on for the details.


$5 per cam

(as of 12/2023)

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Straight Forward Process

While every service provider has their own process for sending in cams, Metolius makes it easy with detailed instructions and good communications along the way. It involves a few steps and the ability follow clear instruction. We believe in you, you can do it. Download their cam repair form and get started. Metolius will reach out if they need to regarding the condition of your cams, otherwise, no news is good news.

Free Additional Cleaning and Lube

We needed new slings, but were given much more. Our rack of Metolius cams included four very old looking TCUs that were given to us by a friend. They still had what looked to be their original nylon slings. We had never placed them since we didn’t know anything about them, but figured now was the time to send them in along with our Mastercams to see if they were still usable.

On top of the old TCUs, both of our sized 1 Mastercam and TCU had terrible trigger action. The Mastercam version looked to have a slightly bent cable while the TCU looked flat out old on top of it’s sticky trigger. Each would retract decently to place the cam, but would not return to their resting state upon releasing the trigger.

When the cams all came back, we were pumped.

  • All had nice new 11mm UHMWPE (Dyneema) slings that matched the color of individual cam stems.
  • Each sling had a sewn in tag with the replacement date noted.
  • Each cam looked brand new. They were cleaned up and made to shine. Not just the metal lobes, but the rest of the cam as well. Even the old TCUs (likely 20 years old) looked brand new.
  • According to the Metolius website, “For the resling service all cams are put into a commercial ball bearing burnisher. Like a washing machine filled with steel ball bearings. This will thoroughly clean and polish the cams, especially the inaccessible areas.” It truly shows.
  • The trigger action for all the cams was extremely smooth. Both cams with sticky triggers came back with perfect trigger action.


$5 per cam. Analyzing the cost of providing a service that keeps you safe and alive seems silly, but at the end of the day Metolius pricing is the lowest in the industry all while including the most additional services with your resling. It can’t be beat.

Turn-around Time

Two-weeks, which includes shipping time. Cams were insured and shipped to Metolius using USPS and returned via UPS along with my original paperwork and a free sticker. I was fully expecting a month-long process but instead had my cams back in no time. This was half the time it took Black Diamond to resling my Camalots.


If you have Metolius cams and they are due for some new slings, don’t think twice about sending them to Metolius. The service, price, and turn around time are the best in the industry. For comparison, we sent our Black Diamond Camalots to BD on the same day. They were sent back with new nylon slings roughly four and half weeks later. They hadn’t been cleaned or serviced in any other fashion outside of a general safety inspection.

I’ve always held Metolius in high regard in terms of making quality products and being an all-around good company with solid employees. My respect for the brand can’t be overstated after this latest interaction.

3rd Party Resling Services


$5 per cam (as of 12/2023)

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