The Mad Rock Flash 2.0 has been discontinued. Mad Rock released the new Mad Rock Flash 2018 in it’s place. Read our Mad Rock Flash 2018 review >


★★★★ (4 out of 5)

I’ll admit it, I’m a weekend warrior. I spend weekdays at a desk looking at a computer screen, followed up by some sort of post-work exercise before getting a bite to eat, having a little down time with my wife and dog, and then hitting the sack soon thereafter. I’m pretty sure that sequence of events sounds extremely familiar to most people, although self-filtered Instagram feeds plea with me to believe otherwise. According to Instagram, people that like to climb, right this very second, are doing one of three things:

OK, that’s a enough salt for one serving. Time to get back to my main point. What I’m trying to say is that as much as I’d like to be climbing on real rock every time I tie in, the reality of the situation is that I spend at the very least half of my climbing time pulling on plastic at the gym, which isn’t a bad thing. I really like climbing, but I also really like doing other things. Gym sessions allow me to stay fit enough to have fun climbing outside on weekends without being a complete noodle.

With the amount of gym sessions that take place each month, it’s easy to put a whole lot of wear on your shoes. I could buy top end shoes and get the most out of my abilities in the gym, but it’s just not worth it to me. I’d rather pay a much lower price for a gym climbing shoe that provides marginally less performance while saving my good shoes for outside climbing adventures. Sort of like how you see basketball players show up to the gym with their nice shoes that only get laced up on hardwood, I only lace up my nice shoes for the real thing outside. Otherwise I’m rocking a gym shoe that I can get a lot of mileage out of without breaking the bank.

Enter the Mad Rock Flash 2.0 climbing shoe.



The Mad Rock Flash 2.0 has been around for a handful of years and has become a go-to gym shoe for me over the last two years. Unfortunately, Mad Rock has discontinued the shoe as of 2017 so it’s now time to find another gym shoe. Regardless, it’s worth reviewing the Flash 2.0 in hopes that Mad Rock brings back a comparable style, and because I’m now sold on the benefits of a gym shoe.

The Good

The Not So Good

A thoroughly worn pair of Mad Rock Flash 2.0 shoes


I typically wear a size 12 running shoe, 11.5 street shoe, and an 11 in the Mad Rock Flash 2.0. The shoes stretch minimally over time.

Final Verdict

I really like the Mad Rock Flash 2.0 and am bummed it’s now discontinued. It served as the perfect gym shoe for me in terms of providing solid performance while still being on the lowest end possible of the price scale. Other climbing brands still come in $15 to $20 higher for their introductory shoe that in my mind doesn’t offer the same performance as the Flash 2.0. You get what you pay for with this shoe and much more. I can only hope that Mad Rock decides to release a similar style in the future that fills this void in the market.