Eugene is on the climbing map with the opening of Elevation Bouldering Gym. Get pumped on a variety of walls across 18,000 square feet while enjoying the laid back and jovial atmosphere.

Getting outside in Eugene typically means lacing up some hiking shoes and going for a walk in the woods under some rain clouds while stomping through the mud. It’s never been much of a rock climbing town mainly due to the climate and lack of nearby climbing opportunities. That likely won’t change with opening of Elevation Bouldering Gym, but that’s ok. Eugene isn’t a one dimensional town defined by a single industry or lifestyle. Elevation Bouldering Gym only adds to the diversity of the town by providing an amazing bouldering gym experience in the heart of Eugene. If you are an avid climber or just looking to try your hand with something new on a rainy day, checkout Elevation Bouldering Gym. It has a laid back atmosphere, fun and challenging setting, and a location close to breweries in case you want to wind down with a beer.

Elevation Bouldering Gym EntranceThe front doors of Elevation Bouldering Gym

Review ★★★★

Elevation Bouldering Gym is the new climbing gym on the block in Eugene. For years Crux Gym was the sole place to climb in town, and still is the only place in town you can rope up. But now Elevation provides an expansive gym with a contemporary climbing experience.


The Good

Diverse Climbing

Elevation Bouldering Gym has a thoughtful layout and diverse set of walls. Without having to worry about setting for roped climbs, Elevation has focused on providing an exceptional bouldering experience with a variety of angled walls. When you first walk in you’ll notice the overhanging cave wall for those looking for steep challenges. Beyond that, there is something for everyone with technical vertical faces, arete climbs, slightly overhanging walls, bulges, roofs, less than vertical slabby problems, and even short blocky walls with thuggish climbing that leads to a top out. You really can find whatever type of climbs you like best or think you need to work on.

Open Floor Plan

Climbing in a bouldering gym requires knowing how to fall safely. Unfortunately, this can be complicated by tight spaces with people standing in or near falls zones. Having to worry not only about how to fall but if you are going to fall on someone makes for a stressful and unsafe climbing experience. Elevation Bouldering Gym has properly spaced out the different walls to provide plenty of space to hangout next to the problem you are trying without constantly watching your back. The mats are soft and don’t require needing to pull around extra crash pads.

The open floor plan also applies to non-climbing areas with an open area in front for parents, a dedicated area for kids climbing, and bike storage room for all those bike commuters who refuse to let a little rain get in their way.

As the popularity of climbing grows so does the amount of people climbing at Elevation. Evenings can be busy, especially when college is in full swing, but overall you can typically carve out some space for yourself if that is what you are looking for.

Training and Fitness Area

If bouldering isn’t enough and your looking to train with the best of them, Elevation has you covered with all the masochist training boards you desire. A moon board and campus boards in a partitioned off room lets you focus on your goals. Another separate space offers up weights.


New to climbing and intimidated by the scene? Elevation has you covered. With the purchase of at least a day pass you can sign up for an intro to climbing class to learn the basics among other beginners. Even without the class, the gym has an inclusive feel with plenty of space for beginners to spend time learning the sport without having to feel any pressure.

Outside of climbing, the gym offers all members a variety of free fitness and yoga classes.

Inclusive Atmosphere

I hate saying it, but climbing gyms typically have a good portion of clientele who take things a little too seriously. Like a lot of sports, there are those that think they are a few months away from going pro, those that can only talk about climbing and their projects, and those that are seriously “projecting” at the gym. The mix can lead to an atmosphere that intimidates those that aren’t a regular part of the scene (or trying to be). Elevation Bouldering Gym has no ego and makes for a really fun and laid back atmosphere. I have to believe it is in part due to the laid back Eugene vibes but I’ve never been in a climbing gym with such an inclusive and fun atmosphere. The management also strives for inclusivity with BIPOC climbing nights and regular “Let’s Climb Together” nights that promote the community climbing together regardless of ability or climbing goals.


The gym is in the center of town and easy to get to by bike or car. The gym has a nice sized parking lot with plenty of street parking nearby as well as a bike room so you don’t have to worry about locking it up outside. You are also just a stones throw from Hop Valley, Ninkasi, and ColdFire Brewing in case you need a delicious northwest ale to finish off your climb. Lastly, The Columns, Eugene’s outdoor climbing area, is right nextdoor in case you are looking to try your hand with some trad climbing.

Forgot something or need new shoes? REI is located right next door to go try on shoes or get some extra chalk.

Elevation Bouldering Gym WallThe front cave boulder


The Not So Good


Honestly. Sure, there is no rope climbing, but what do you expect from a bouldering gym? If you are in Eugene and want to climb, go to Elevation. You are guaranteed to have a good time.


Elevation Bouldering Gym Information


  • Every day: 9:00am-11:00pm

Location & Contact Info

Elevation Bouldering Gym
348 Lincoln Street
Eugene, OR 97401

Elevation Bouldering Gym Back WallThe back bouldering area

Elevation Bouldering Gym Back WallMore of the back bouldering area

Elevation Bouldering Gym Moon Board and Campus BoardMoon board and campus board