Metolius Personal Anchor System (PAS) Review

The Metolius PAS 22 is a chain link system of sewn Dyneema® that is intuitive to use for cleaning routes or go in direct on multipitch routes. While there are more simple ways to tether into an anchor, it’s a great piece of gear for new and seasoned climbers alike.

Updated: May 2024

Metolius Cam Resling Service Review

Time to replace old slings on your Metolius cams? Metolius Climbing offers up the cheapest and most extensive resling service in the industry (for Metolius cams only). Get your old rack back looking brand new and ready to send for years to come.

Updated: December 2023

Chaco Classic Flip Review

The Chaco Classic Flip offers a stiffer than normal sole for a more rugged feel than your average flip flop sandal. Pack ’em in to give your feet a break between burns at the crag or in the backcountry or stay classy and wear them for every day activities.

Updated: December 2023

Mammut Wall Rider Helmet Review

The Mammut Wall Rider is lightweight, well-ventilated, and easily adjustable helmet that offers protection for single-pitch cragging or longer alpine adventures. It’s a great option for those looking to upgrade from a hardshell model and is also available with integrated MIPS technology.

Updated: July 2023

Tenaya Tanta Climbing Shoe Review

The Tenaya Tanta climbing shoe is a great option for gym climbers or beginner climbers looking for a shoe with a bit more performance than other entry-level models. It offers up performance, comfort, fit, and durability for just over $100.

Updated: July 2023

Black Diamond Session Approach Shoe Review

The Black Diamond Session Approach Shoe fits squarely in the casual shoe market even if BD categorizes it as an approach shoe. As long as your technical footwear expectations are tempered, you’ll likely be happy with your purchase for everyday wear and tear with the BD Session

Updated: March 2024

Sterling Hollow Block Review

The Sterling Hollow Block is great at biting down on ropes when tying friction knots using a Prusik, Klemheist, or auto block. Its Aramid fiber construction helps resist abrasion and heat. Pony up a few extra bucks to have one hanging from your harness, you’ll end up using it.

Updated: May 2024

Metolius Foundry Hangboard Review

The Metolius Foundry Hangboard is a decent hangboard that provides a wide variety of hold types in a compact size. While the compact size is nice if you are lacking space for hanging the board, it does limit the number of holds on the board compared to other wider models.

Updated: July 2023

Sterling Evolution Velocity 9.8mm Review

The Sterling Evolution Velocity is the gold standard for cragging ropes due to it’s durability and high level of performance across the board. If you are only going to own one rope, this is the rope to have.

Updated: December 2020